Regular events


Please contact the church office for more details of any of these activities. Changes are notified in the weekly bulletin distributed at our Sunday services. 


10:00am - Morning Worship - Perry St (crèche plus groups for 3-14 yrs)

10:00am - Morning Worship - Sunnymede

10:15am - Morning Worship - South Green

  7:00pm - Evening Worship - Perry Street


  5:45pm - Girls' Brigade Explorers (Years 1-3)

  5:45pm - Girls' Brigade Juniors (Years 4-6)

  6:30pm - Girls' Brigade Seniors (Years 7-9)

  6:30pm - Girls' Brigade Brigaders (Year 10+)


  7:00am - Prayer Meeting

  9:30am-12:00pm - Mums & Babies Drop-In

10:00am - Sunny Days (Drop-In for Senior Citizens) - at Sunnymede

  8:00pm - Prayer Meeting


  9:15am - Toddler Group - at Sunnymede


10:00am - Drop-In for Senior Citizens

  6:00pm - Boys' Brigade Anchor Boys (Age 6 to Year 3)

  6:00pm - Boys' Brigade Junior Section (Years 4-6)

  7:45pm - Boys' Brigade Company Section (Years 7-9)


  9:30am - Mums & Toddlers (Over 1½ yrs)

Other regular events

Discipleship groups meet throughout the week in homes around the area. If you would like to join one, please contact the church office.

Ladies Bible Studies are held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Men's Bible Study on Wednesday morning. Details from the Church Office.

Any additional meetings or alterations are notified in the weekly bulletin issued at the Sunday services